Thursday, April 7, 2011

My creative space

My creative space this week is all about practice. Practising drawing from my head, rather than real life or a photo. I've been doing lots of market stalls about the place lately and it has given me the perfect opportunity to sit around drawing without feeling like "I should be doing..."

This foxy lady is an idea for a painting, or a bigger drawing. I put the fox's back legs in the wrong place and it looks a bit like a fox-eel, oops! I thought I might put it on a card, but I don't really know what kind occasion would call for such a card. Maybe as long as it's blank? I made the mistake the other day of buying Mr Millicent Crow what I thought was a blank card, that actually said "Grey hair isn't so's the weight gain and the whiskers that are annoying!"
These other sketches are also ideas for paintings.

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Happy Thursday!


  1. I must say that quite a few of those ladies look like people I know so they are successful in my opinion. Cherrie

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I absentmindedly give them features of people around me...